Park Tickets to Annual Pass exchange

I have just booked two vacations via MVT and have two sets of park tickets. It has been suggested that I upgrade to an annual pass for the two of us. How would I do this? How would I recover the monies spent for the tickets I already have? Know nothing about annual passes though I did check out what Disney has to say about them. Do you need to be a Florida resident to buy them? Thanks for any help.

You can upgrade your park tickets by contacting 1-407-WDISNEY, going to guest relations once you arrive at WDW or concierge at your resort. They will take the money you’ve already paid and subtract that from the amount of the annual pass. You will have to pay the difference.

Just making sure I understand, I can do this at my hotel concierge? Doesn’t have to be at the park? Also, will memory maker (I’m planning to upgrade to a plan with it) be activated on my account and magic band as soon as I do this?

Last question to throw a wrench in my question- my tickets are the Military Salute. So, can they activate those tickets at concierge? Or do I need to activate them at the park before I can upgrade them to an AP?

We activated some military salute tickets on our trip in October. They weren’t able to do it at the hotel. Here is the official list where you can activate them:

Walt Disney World Locations:
All four theme park ticket and Guest Relations windows
The Transportation and Ticket Center Ticket or Guest Relations windows
Magic Kingdom Ticket or Guest Relations windows
Epcot – Main Entrance or International Gateway Ticket or Guest Relations windows
Hollywood Studios Ticket or Guest Relations windows
Animal Kingdom Ticket or Guest Relations windows
Both Water Parks
Typhoon Lagoon
Blizzard Beach
Disney Springs Shopping and Entertainment Area (formerly Downtown Disney)
Disney Springs Guest Relations locations

This list is from the following website:

You should cancel your MVT tickets and either buy an AP voucher or discounted tickets from a seller listed in the Touring Plans ticket calculator. Brandi would have told you if you buy MVT tickets and then upgrade you lose all savings. If you buy discounted tickets you can use them once, lock in the savings and then upgrade to an AP that would be good for a year from the first day of the original ticket use.

Agree with @PrincipalTinker, cancel those packages and book as room only through MVT. Then buy tickets from a discounter, use once in park on first visit, and then upgrade to AP. You don’t need 2 sets of tickets and you save more getting your tickets elsewhere.

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So, once I activate my salute tickets, can I upgrade at the hotel concierge? Or should I just do it all right then when I activate the tickets?

I am not sure about the upgrade. I was under the impression that this might also need to be done at one of the same locations where the military salute tickets are activated. Maybe someone else will be able to confirm this. Nonetheless, it seems like you might as well just do everything all at once while you’re there.

I tried to add days on to my salute tickets at the hotel after having to add days to my stay in 2016 due to Hurricane Matthew and they could not do it.

I don’t want to add any days. I just want to covert to an AP. But since I have to activate at the gate anyway, I’ll probably just do everything in that first trip.

I’ve been told from lots of people you can only do this at Guest Services ticket windows - not the hotel. I plan on doing this in 13 days - applying MYW price and Memory Marker toward the purchase of two annual passes for my wife and I. Don’t forget about tax, too!

Has anyone had any success with price bridging 10-day tickets discounted for Canadian residents when upgrading to an annual pass?

Curious as well? I let our APs lapse in October but am returning in April and December.