Park tickets pricing question (weird result for single day vs. multi-day)

I was just pricing out the cost for park tickets using the Touring Plans ticket calculator, and got this result for park hoppers for 2 days, April 23–24:

This seems bizarre to me. Why is Disney’s 2-day ticket (much!) more expensive than two 1-day tickets?? Is it just because the single 2-day ticket is valid over a small range of dates, while each of the 2-day tickets is only valid on a single date? Am I missing something?

The price listed in the estimate is without park hopper if you look at Disney’s site. One day park hopper on Disney’s site for 4/24 is actually $236.43. Those prices are incorrect.


Thank you! I’ve always relied on the ticket calculator for accuracy, so I’m surprised by this. Should we alert @len?

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One day nonpark hoppers are priced per park now too so I wonder if the estimate for one day park tickets has been updated.

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I think that is the one park MK price?

Actually, no- maybe another park with tax?

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@ParkRanger - Would you mind opening a ticket on the site for this, please? (Click the (? Help) logo in the bottom right of your screen.)

It’ll remind me to fix it. Include, please, the data you’re using to run the query. I know there’s some weird one- and two-day ticket stuff going on. It’s just got buried under the new UI work, book update, and other stuff. But I can look at it.

Thank you!

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Just submitted, thanks for the reply!