Park ticket question

hi, i have a 2 day park ticket plus tickets to the MVMCP :christmas_tree:

We’re doing a park on Saturday, MVMCP on Sunday, and Park on Monday.

We plan to enter MK at 4:00 the night of the party

My question is, if we enter at 4, and scan our magic bands, will it use the party admission or will it possibly use up the 2nd day of my 2-day pass? Obviously I don’t want to use that 2nd day.

thanks! :sunflower:

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You will enter through the specially marked turnstiles- they should should be labeled I think “special event” and it will scan your party tickets only.


It will use the party admission. But you must make sure it’s 4:00 p.m. If it’s 3:59 p.m., it will use your 2nd day pass. If they manage MVMCP the way they do MNSSHP, they make party guests enter the turnstyles to the right of the park (when you’re facing the entrance) and they don’t start scanning until 4 p.m. so you should be pretty safe. You’re not allowed to go to just any entrance. Then, once you’re scanned, you’ll get a party bracelet from a CM. It’s a bit of chaos after getting scanned because the CM scanning you doesn’t tell you that you need to go to a CM to get a party bracelet, the CMs handing out party bracelets just “catch” everyone as they start walking toward the tunnel.

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Thanks PrincipalTinker and QueenCheshireCat.

if I can see the MVMCP in MDE, that means I can use the magicband for entry, right? Or should I just bring the tickets as well?

Yeah we learned that the hard way at the Halloween party. Got turned back at Main Street :slight_smile:

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Yes, if you can see it in MDE you should be able to scan your MB. I bring my tickets or email confirmation just in case but have never needed them.

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