Park reservations

With park hoper do you make reservations for all parks each day?

There is no hopping allowed at the moment, just one park per day.

Thank you. I made reservations for 1/2021 and park hopper was option I selected.

Yes, they are selling park hopper tickets for 2021 bit currently you can only reserve one park per day.

I think they will want to re-introduce park hopping as soon as they can, but initially that may be only on the actual day, depending on availability. Epcot is unlikely to reach capacity, for example, and it would benefit Disney and the 3rd party restaurant operators to allow people to hop there in the evening for dinner.

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So, it seems like Park Hoppers aren’t worth buying ahead of time, since you might not get to really use them.

Although I’m sure if they cancel park hopping you would be eligible for a refund from WDW. So I’d think the risk would be having to wait in a customer service line to get your $ back. Now having said that, smarter may be to add it later and upgrade your tickets once we know for sure that Park Hoppers are back…


Especially since PH can be added after you are in the park. If reservations are required, and they only allow one park reservation per day, then park hoppers seem like a bad bet.

Also, I know lots of people like to eat in Epcot in the evenings. That doesn’t really appeal to us. There are only a few T.S. restaurant meals we plan on eating within Disney. If we had to change parks, we might as well eat outside Disney.

Do you know what the procedure is for getting a refund for park hopper? We had previously purchased 2 day park hopper tickets for April that we’re now planning to use in December. I’ve made park reservations for one park each day, will WDW still refund the difference? On MDE it doesn’t seem to reflect whether our tickets are park hoppers or not.

Unfortunately nothing definitive - if you want a refund now, you can call them up and wait on hold forever. The other alternative is Guest Services at the parks one day when you have some free time. If you can access the International Gateway entrance at Epcot conveniently, the lines there are usually pretty low so that would be my first choice for Guest Services - although my experience there was pre-Skyliner so it might be busier now than it was then. There’s also a guest services at Disney Springs if that’s convenient where you could stop by while the rest of the family shops or something…

Hope that helps - my experiences in person with guest services have always been good - the only annoying part is the wait can be long if the people in front of you have complex issues…