Park Reservations--the new normal?

Any guesses on how long this system will be in place? Is this just the new normal going forward? I’m working on a trip for December 2021 and having a hard time committing to my park days with so many unknowns right now.

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I don’t think it will be permanent, but I think it will be in place until Disney stops limiting attendance. I don’t have a guess at when exactly that would be. I’m going in November/December 2021 myself and I’m not really ready to commit either. Especially since I’ve had this trip moved several times. I’m in a planning funk.

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There’s a chance they will ditch the system at some point if it’s no longer needed. But the good news is there is no penalty for changing your park reservations as many times as you need up to your trip. I recommend booking HS for any days that you might want to go there.


I have booked all my parks and soon as I could. Unfortunately in my opinion it is still not safe to go until we have been vaccinated and the period of time for immunity is up. Now I have given up my April trip and am now looking at October. The other reason I have cancelled earlier trips is because there just isn’t that much that is up and running as of yet. Being I love to eat in WDW I am also waiting for more places to open such as Hoop De Do Review. The place costs enough and if you are going to get your monies worth then wait till more is up and running and covid is no long a major problem though I expect it will not totally go away for a while. Like you all I am chomping at the bit to go again but unlike some of you I most watch when it is worth the expense and then book it all.


I concur. Coming from California and having a limited vacation budget, I don’t get to WDW often and want to get my money’s worth. I hope that will be possible in December.

I’m worried that HDDR won’t come back at all :frowning:


I’m sure HDDR was one of the longest running dinner shows in the US. It performed three times a day, every day since 1974/75.

I think something will return there eventually, but they might take the chance to rewrite some of it at least, there are bits that probably aren’t really that “pc”. Hopefully they’ll keep the premise the same.

I do wonder if they’ll change the AYCE format though.


I couldn’t make it fit into our last trip and it was #1 on our “when we go back” list (that and FOTLK tier 1). Neither will be running in March but I’m betting tiered upcharge packages are gonna come back in a big way eventually. Hddr, I’m not so sure.

Why wouldn’t it come back? It was still extremely popular, and likely very profitable (you don’t keep a show that long without maximizing profits).

It will come back when full occupancy dining and the dining plans come back.


It doesn’t need the dining plan to return.

It simply needs social distancing to be a thing of the past, and then to either recall or recast the show.

With three shows a day I don’t know if the performers were full time or not; but regardless if they have actual re-call rights or not they could be rehired. The question is whether they will want to return. I would assume they would have needed to find other work in the interim, however that is unlikely to be have been entertainment so the chances are if they’re still living near Orlando some might jump at the chance to return.

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I hear that. I just see so many cuts and think the worst. But you’re correct I’m just Debbie downering :rofl:

I only mentioned dining plan because I suspect a lot of the premium ($$$) dining experiences are done on dining plans. Because “TS credits” are easier to spend than actual dollars :joy:

Dining plan is also a good profit source, but they likely can’t bring it back until restaurants can utilize full capacity. So I think they’ll happen at about the same time.


We used the Disney Dinning Plan for many years mainly because at the time it was part of a package and free. Of coarse in reality it was not free and you paid for it in the package deal. Was a good deal though then but now not so much. We discovered that we would not use nearly what was offered and especially the snacks. Now without the plan as an option many are going to find it is a far better deal to buy as you go and your Magic Band still is scannable but it is deducted from your credit card on file at your resort. I do not know why Disney doesn’t have one as yet as they were making a fortune. Also you must now stay at a Deluxe resort to get the free plan with table service meals. Before you got it with a Intermediate resort, now only quick service plan is included if and when the start it again.


We used it on our first trip, but will never use it again. It’s expensive and the rigidity didn’t feel “magical.”

But some people will always love prepaying upfront, even at a significant premium, rather than paying for every food purchase. Smart for Disney to take advantage of that, I suppose, as long as it’s easy to opt out :slight_smile:

What I did not realize at the time was the conveniance of using the Magic Band to pay was also available without the DDP. It just goes on your credit card on file.


I don’t think they were making as much as the6 used to, thanks to people “wising up” to how to make best use of it.

But primarily I suspect it hasn’t returned because they don’t want to deal with complaints from people who have it and can’t book anywhere due to the distancing requirements.

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Yes, we did the free dining plan at a moderate. 2 adults and 3 kids. We saved thousands of $$, where a room discount would have been hundreds. Our Disney trip was less than $5000 with airline tickets for 5 people. I miss that kind of discount.