Park Reservations Opened for June

Get them while they are hot! Good luck!


Yes! Thank you!!

Ugh. This has me worried.

Has this been the norm or is this strange that everything was booked and now there is open availability across the board?

Happens more often than not. Yes pretty normal.

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They did the same thing for spring break.March/ April filled up fast and then they released a bunch more I think in February for those dates. I expect it will be a busy summer season!

I just wanted everyone here to see it before it pops up all over social media on DFB and AllEars.

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Hmmm. No refill for early May resort and ticket holders-wonder why? (Hoping it’s bc they don’t expect crowds, given that ap is still available)

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Maybe bkz they’re opening park capacity at the end of may?

Hopefully, if they increase capacity for June that means that more show and restaurants will open up in June.

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It better!!!

I hope not. Not yet. Wait til after 7/4 plz!!

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back to worrying about June…how crowded and how many of the restrictions will be loosened?