Park Reservations Gone in 2024

Takes effect for visits after Jan 9, 2024.




I’ll have to read up on how this impacts AP with a hotel stay …


No Theme Park Reservation Required

  • Date-based 1-day ticket
  • Date-based multi-day ticket
  • Vacation package with date-based tickets

Theme Park Reservation Required

  • Student group tickets
  • Sport and Convention ticket
  • Annual Pass
  • All other ticket types not mentioned above

Introducing “good-to-go days” for Annual Passholders and cast members : In 2024, we plan to offer select days on which our Annual Passholders* and Disney cast members may visit Walt Disney World theme parks without needing a park reservation. Once introduced, we will roll out these good-to-go days on an ongoing basis. This will be in addition to the recent update which offers Passholders the opportunity to visit the theme parks after 2 p.m. without needing a park reservation, except on Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom Park. Good-to-go days may vary by park, and pass block out dates and capacity limitations continue to apply like they do today. Please stay tuned for more details on good-to-go days.


What I’m hoping this means is that park hopping limitations will change or go away.


Hopefully they change it for them too, because otherwise that’s just :poop: for AP holders.


If there’s anything that sucks more than the park reservations it’s this. Pleeeeeease go away


These were great updates!!!


I don’t like that AP holders are still treated as 2nd class


The Good To Go Days are a step in the right direction enough for me at this time. Progress takes time, and I am optimistic today that we will get there before long.


I dunno but this seems a little early for any type of rejoicing-

It’s not an end it’s IMO ending the redundancy…having date based tickets means they already know who is coming -

What I would have preferred to see is the end of park reservations for all on-site guests… tickets APs…

  • granted I am still pretty pissy about getting shut out of Epcot on my last trip…

As the self-proclaimed “Disney Refugee” these are the steps I need to make me interested in coming back…

Now that most entertainment & dinning options have returned my biggest issues with returning to Disney are:

Park Reservations :no_entry_sign: :white_check_mark:
G+ / ILL 7am “lottery” :next_track_button:
Park Hopping restrictions :man_shrugging:

I’m very interested in how they are going to reform G+ / ILL…
I’d still prefer you have to be in the parks to start using it like MaxPass was at DLR.


This is very good news! It would be GREAT news if the change were taking effect in time for my next trip—almost makes me want to reschedule.


I wonder how VQ will work? Is that maybe why it doesn’t start until 2024? Disney thinks they won’t be needed by then?


They’ve said guests are telling them they want to book in advance. This is the quote:

Simplifying the Disney Genie+ experience: We have heard from guests that they would like ways to plan with Disney Genie+ service and individual Lightning Lane selections before the day of their park visit, and we want you to know we are working on ways guests may do this for visits in 2024. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to spend less time planning in the park and more time enjoying your visit with friends and family. While we are not yet able to share specific details, we look forward to sharing more information at a later date.

They wouldn’t have mentioned both buying G+ and booking LLs in advance if they didn’t intend to do that.


They did use the VQ system before the park reservation system started. You needed to get to the park early and than at official park open time, the VQ opened.

But that was before EE. Off-siters could potentially be given another disadvantage?


That’s right. We were just competing with everyone in that case. I remember getting ROTR from home for DD and her friends.


In theory, assuming park hopping restrictions were removed, they could open the VQ to everyone at 7am as long as they had valid admission (and park pass for any park for AP holders).


This is very interesting!

One of the worst things about G+ has been that you have to fiddle with it constantly throughout the day.

If they make this work without completely eliminating the ability to stack selections, this might be a great improvement.


Ohh… I have an idea… pick me!!!

How about at a certain time… just, randomly, say, 30 days before your trip (maybe 60 days if you are staying on property) you can purchase G+ for any day of your trip, and then plan a certain number of LLs… let’s say… three just for this example.

Then, with 3 LL already in hand… you could then try to get ADDITIONAL LLs AFTER you use your first 3?

How about it?


I love it! You should work for Disney :wink: