Park Reservations Closed (Can we do Park Hopper?)

So we will be closing out our 5 Day Park Stay on Monday. Since we are staying at Animal Kingdom, I was thinking we would close out our stay visiting Animal Kingdom again. However after our visit to Hollywood yesterday, we really would like to go back there again. Since park reservations are full, if I add park hopper to the last day, does that guarantee that we can get in HS after 2? and if so, would I be able to purchase lightning lanes at 7 am for HS even if we are starting at AK?

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There’s never a guarantee, but the only time hoppers have been turned away from a park was on the 50th anniversary at MK, and that only briefly. I think you’ll make it in.

Yes you would. The return windows would automatically be constrained to 2pm or later.

Just a point of clarification here: you can only add park hopper for length of ticket, not just one day. It’s the same price whether you add the feature on the first day of your ticket or your last. So you really ought to go ahead and add hopper now. And you must have it added before Monday to be able to book LL at a park you’re hopping to.


I appreciate the clarification. Thank You

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So we went back to AK tonight and talked to guest relations and they did an override and switched us to HS!


Even better! I should have mentioned that you can often do that if that was your preference.