Park Reservations as Hotel guest and AP

So I am AP holder. I have reservation for a hotel at WDW. As a hotel guest I cant make reservation for a park but as AP I could. So if I did not have hotel reservation I could get park reservation. Anyway around this?

You must have some form of park admission before you can make a park reservation. This means either an active AP, or park tickets valid on the days you want to make reservations for.

All having a Disney hotel reservation will get you is, if you already have an AP, it should allow you to book park reservations for length of stay, and not the usual max of 3 days.

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I saw mention of this problem on WDWNT yesterday and that person cancelled their hotel reservation in order to o be able to qualify for the AP bucket. If your resort still has availability for your dates, you could do that. If it is sold out that would be a risky maneuver unless you were willing to be flexible with your resort. I think it would be worth a call to the pass holder line to see if CM can override the resort guest designation for you.

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Oh. Is the question/problem that the AP is valid for the dates of the hotel stay, but now can’t book park reservations for those days?

If so, then I think calling Disney directly is your only recourse until they fix the glitch in their system.

yes that is the issue thanks

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thanks been on touring plans since 2010 just never had a question i could not figure out. hahah

You can call and ask the CMs to book the parks for you.

But this isn’t a glitch. When park reservations were first introduced there was a glitch for AP holders with an onsite stay. They could only book three days in the parks.

They then corrected it to prioritise the onsite stay, so people can book for their entire stay.

But CMs have been willing to book from the AP pool for those AP holders staying onsite.

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Not sure why you say this. If @npantonio has both on-site reservations, AND an AP, then booking park reservations for the entire length of stay should have no problem. The fact that the system is not allowing booking is, then, a glitch.

was on hold for hour with AP help line I hung up.

Be prepared for a long wait. I was once on hold with Disney for more than 3 hours to resolve an issue. :confused:

I think the point is that there are no reservations available in the onsite pool but there are in the AP pool.

Not that the system won’t let them book.

@npantonio, I would try calling the AP holder help Line first.

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Oh. That’s a horse of a different color!

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that is the problem @nickysyme

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