Park Reservations after Canceling trip

This maybe something or nothing we shall see. So today I moved my Dec Disney dates back by 2 days. I was planning on canceling my Pop vacation package any way. Decided to stay at the Swan. I’ve booked that and booked plane tix for my new dates. It was very nerve racking to hit that cancel button, but I did it! Now, its was package so the resort and the tix canceled. Logged out, logged back in. Went to my plans page. No hotel, no tix showing BUT my park reservations are still there! I canceled the 3 I know I will not need (kept 2 because they are in line with the new plan. It will not allow me to make any new selections however. Here’s the point.
Having a reservation with tix allows you to make a reservation in a park. Canceling the package (im still about 2 months out) did not erase your reservations.
Now I do not know if this would help anyone that cant get a reservation because of they are in a different bucket secure a spot. I plan on linking my tix b4 my resort stay to see if there is a change. Technically, I shouldnt have any park reservations in the system anymore. Hmmmm

Yes park ressies stick.

I forgot to cancel mine for my would-have-been August/Sept trip and I started getting notifications the day before it was to have started.

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This happened to me and the Disney site explicitly states that. I ended up staying off site since no benefits like early entry, cheaper and more space and then buying my tickets outright. It seems this is a definite loophole.


That has been my experience also. I have cancelled my AP and reservations on it are still there. Cancelled package and park reservations stayed. Took an individual off a resort booking and their park reservations did not disappear.

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