Park Reservation System thread

I’m beginning to wonder how many people are actually going to be on doing park reservations. I’m doing our trip for May 2021, but how many people with rooms booked and tickets already purchased are actually going to be on the website? The website didn’t crash everyday for FPs and ADRs. In fact that has never happened for any of my trips and I’ve even booked on the dreaded Tuesdays.

I guess we will find out tomorrow morning.

Only thing I can figure is that they want to figure out what demand is ASAP so they can open it up more? Ex: how many rooms to release for 2021 reservations on 6/28?

One point I’d like to make to anyone who is concerned about not being able to reserve what you want to tomorrow (like me - I don’t have a hotel stay booked for May 2021 yet):

Let’s hold onto the hope that Disney is not releasing all their inventory of park reservations all at once. I sincerely doubt they are (if this has been confirmed, please let me know). I bet they are holding back some capacity so they can stretch the accordion based on facts and circumstances.

Even if they think they will only let in, say 25% of normal capacity now, if a vaccine is available 6 months from now, they may not need to limit capacity at all in 2021. Or they may decide 30% is fine. Or they may be holding back 5% for 6/28 (etc.). Lots of possible reasons not to give up hope if your park or day is “unavailable” tomorrow or even a week from now.


Agree and had the same thoughts :+1:

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Hi guys. My apologies if this has already been discussed ad nauseam!

For November: any thoughts on if crowd calendars are accurate at all if entertainment, EMH etc. are still limited by then? I am trying to figure out the best way to choose our park days so we can reserve them tomorrow. I have our selections right now based on the current crowd calendars for November. Are most of you using the calendars to choose your park days per usual or are you going with a different strategy?

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maybe this thread will help:

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Don’t stress.

The system will crash. Almost :100: guaranteed.

But remember that tomorrow and Tuesday you are only competing with on-site guests for your August dates. There will be availability for all onsite guests. You may need to be flexible about your days. But you’ll get into a park.

After Tuesday you’ll have to compete against off-site APP, and then after that you’ll compete against anyone with a ticket.

You have time. You’ll be okay.

What you’re competing for against everyone with onsite and tickets for any date is bandwidth. Disney IT almost certainly does not have the bandwidth it will need.

Hang in there. Keep at it. You’ll be fine. You’ll be okay.

Say it again with me: I have time. I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay.

Good luck (and stay outta my way :wink::wink:)


This also.

We are Disney NUTS.

There are a lot of onsite guests with tickets who do t know about this yet because they aren’t paying attention

Also, TAs cannot do this piece for clients (because of the COVID19 terms of service that you have to agree to, and only the client can do that) so even though I have clients who I have told, I can’t do it for them. And I don’t know if they will take it seriously - though I have stressed the importance to them - and get on at 0700 to do it.

There are loads of us nuts, but not more than can get park ressies.

I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay.

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Haven’t even thought about crowd calendars. I feel they are irrelevant for now.


Bahaha! I’ve totally had this same line of thinking. I felt it when trying to securing BGs for Rise. :joy:


T-10 min and I figure I would log in to be ready. MDE is currently locked down with a horrific pink castle. They’re making me nervous…


Well, if this is anything like a bunch of hackers will have already been in and out with all the reservations before we get off this castle page.

I think it’s just updating in the background and will go live at 0700

I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay.

Breathe :slight_smile:

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I think that is supposed to be the Cinderella castle after it is finished being painted. I don’t like it either.

It says not to refresh the page, which goes against all my internet knowledge with Disney. I"m afraid if I do refresh, that I’ll change my spot in line, like with the DVC member magic. ugh! I always thought I was a patient person!

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Well, 7:00 and ? Still a castle…

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This will be even more frustrating when I cancel this trip

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y’'all getting this?


…well, none of us actually thought this was going to work at 7 am today…so cold comfort for being right?