Park Reservation System thread

I’m still getting “no parks available” (when I do get in) and can’t get through on any phone lines…what a mess.

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Just jumping in here. I got in at 10am. I just kept the window open while I did other things.
We are going 8/14 - 8/18 and I was able to reserve a park each day with little trouble. One day gave me the decapitated Olaf but I skipped and went back after I did the other days.

Does anyone have a situation where they have room reservation but no park ticket? I have my neice on my room but no ticket for her yet… I could not include her on my park reservation. So, now I’m concerned.

You’ll have to wait until “later this summer” when they start selling tickets for 2020 again

You could try to call and see what you can do sooner, because it’s a terrible situation many people are in

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ok…I’ve got to look away cuz I’m feeling all the pain, frustration and anxiety. I don’t have skin in the game until July 15th when MM reservations open for DVC reservation holders. I’m going to try and RUN AWAY and concentrate on some work work.

Ugh. I’m so sorry. I just tried to call both that number you listed above and DVC member services. Both led straight to busy signals. And I am getting into the park reservations page but getting the same park limit reached error for myself. Gah. Thankfully the trip I’m trying to book is still almost 3 months away and I’m not super concerned (yet) with park availability. And thankfully I’ve got the rest of my party secured in their APRs.

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The AP date was always the 26th. The dates are near the top of this thread.

I just got an email from Disney reminding me “It’s time to make your Theme Park reservations”
Now they’re just mocking me


That is so rude.


A strong drink is recommended now.


omg i JUST got it too



I got it too…pitiful.


Finally got in again on Safari (realized it had me in the Canadian site somehow???!!) but it still shows no parks available.

When I used the booking an ADR route, I booked for a table service dining in Disney Springs for lunch a week from today. It found availability and then brought me to the much needed log in page, bypassing the pink castle of death screen. Some people have said they cancel the search then once they were logged in. I was afraid to do that and have it kick me out so I actually booked that dining. Once that was booked I was able to see the Park Pass reservation under MDE and was able to book the 6 days of Park Reservations for my party of 5. Once everything was confirmed and showing up in my plans, I went back and canceled the Disney Springs ADR that I had made.


This is exactly the method I used this morning. Cancelled the ADR at Disney Springs after I had my park passes confirmed.


Those are our exact dates! We are staying at CBR.

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great, now I’ve got this to look forward to…

Added the availability chart link to the first post, and also on the Re-opening thread.


I am married to my trip. It’s my 40th birthday. It’s a tri-split, 2 cash reservations, 1 DVC reservation. The DVC is club level at AKL, I had to walk that reservation for a looooong time. There are 8 of us going. I’ve got tickets for my mom and aunt because another liner was selling their 14-day UK tickets (ours is a 13 or 14 day trip). I was planning to get DVC APs for the rest of us. Now it’s unclear when I will be able to do that. I may just buy 10 day tickets on Wednesday and at least reserve those 10 days. I wonder how waterparks are going to work. We plan at least 1 or 2 visits. I’m thankful we have so long to figure to this out, but it’s still quite frustrating.

ETA - I haven’t even bothered trying to get on today to book parks for the 2 people that have tickets. Seems too frustrating of an endeavor to do more than once!!!

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Ok now it has let me book several, but only allows one for me on my AP and does not recognize one guests ticket. Only allows one day on our December package 4-day tickets. Calling that IT number now.

I feel absolutely terrible for folks with reservations but no tickets. It truly doesn’t seem fair at all. I was almost one of them so am incredibly thankful to this community to have gotten the (very short) advanced warning about ticket sales being suspended. I was able to get tickets juuuuuust under the wire but had I hemmed and hawed any longer I would be ticketless.