Park Reservation System - Multiple Park Reservations for Same Day

Once you scan into, for example, MK can you access MDE I know you are unable to make a new park reservation even if there is availability at one of the others.

You would think if there were “day of” reservations still available at one of the three other parks when you check, what would it matter if I had already been to one that day? With availability, Disney is saying that the limited number that can get into specific park that day has not been reached.

What am I missing?

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They’ve just opened up park reservations to CMs this week. And are switching available slots to AP holders too very close to the day.

With the disappointing (OK, dire) attendance at all parks except DHS, it wouldn’t surprise me to see park hopping come back.

One figure I heard was a park with a cap of less than 25% of normal capacity, and then less than half of those booked turned up.


That would be great! Please keep us posted. Our trip starts 8/8!