Park Reservation and Ticket Type

My DD had comp tickets from her spring 2020 DCP. Disney opened up the ability to use these tickets but like all cast member tickets, they were still subject to CMs being allowed into the parks. The trip we have planned is a combination of a ticket we bought (for April dates) and comp tickets (for May) because April ended up blocked to CMs. May has now been blocked as well so the comp tickets will not work at all.

I will add onto the ticket to cover the now blocked days but I’m concerned about the park reservations. She has a park reservation but it was made originally with the comp ticket. Park reservations are now gone completely. Any idea if the park reservation set on that old ticket will be okay as long as we have a valid ticket, even though the park reservation wasn’t originally made with that ticket?

My understanding is that as long as you have a ticket you are good to go.

Thank you. Now I can’t change the ticket because the day is sold out :sob:

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Keep checking and you’ll probably get lucky.

You were right. The park reservation was not tied to the ticket type. I waited on hold for almost two hours but the CM was easily able to add to the ticket even though I couldn’t do it online. We are all set! I was really worried there for a moment.



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