Park Reservation Alerts! By Thrill Data

I thought this might be helpful for anyone who needs a Park Reservation for a specific park / day. Thrill Data allows you to set alerts if you create a free account. It works very similar to the TP ADR alerts.


That is insanely helpful!

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Trying to make sure this gets the love it deserves because many people tun in fear at the term “Thrill Data”. They are intimidating. And this is awesome.


Good point - I changed the thread title. I wanted to give Thrill Data top billing for making this tool, but I went ahead and put their name at the end of the thread.


Haha. Good choice and thank you.

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This is awesome!

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Hi Jeff, would this work for Savis workshop, if by some miracle a slot becomes available?

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I actually don’t know since I’ve never tried it myself! It’s worth making an account to check. An account is free - no subscription required.