Park Re-entry

Hi We have a tentative postponed trip booked in August (resort already reserved, AP holders) to celebrate my daughter’s graduation before she goes off to college (if that actually happens). I am trying to follow all of the information about the new reservation system and hope I do not miss anything. I am concerned about the one-park reservation system. Does anyone have factual information about whether you will be limited to one park per day (likely), but more importantly, whether you will be permitted to leave the park for a while and return later? We have never been to WDW in August, but I imagine we would want to escape the afternoon heat/storms for a while.

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There hasn’t been a formal announcement about either of these so there is no factual information available.

Speculation - No park hopping, but able to re-enter. You reserved your park. You should be able to come & go since there won’t be any “main gate tickets” sold that would alter the reservation capacity.

I don’t see WDW allowing “same-day” reservations that would affect this. (I guess they could for APs… but I’m just guessing.)

They haven’t said how far in advance you have to reserve your park, but I’d wager, you’ll have to pick a few days or more in advance.


I agree with this. As long as Disney doesn’t allow Park-hopping, then coming and going is a given, since they can never go ABOVE max capacity based on reservations.

It becomes trickier if they allow park-hopping, because they can’t predict when/if that park hopping would take place unless Disney provides a means for “reserving” their hop. I have doubts that would happen.


Unless the reservations are not only for a certain day, but a certain time too.

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Possibly, but I REALLY REALLY doubt they would do that.

Which goes back to why I think they won’t allow park-hopping for quite some time.


On another forum I saw a screen shot of an email sent to a UK customer who purchased their vacation through Virgin. In the email it states with bullet points all the ways their Walt Disney Resort Vacation will be affected. It specifically stated NO HOPPING.

Again, its not official from Disney, it was an official email fro Virgin. But still it was the first time I’ve seen it in black and white and not speculation.

The holiday was Sept I think.

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Here’s the words from Virgin…

"A new park reservation system

When the parks reopen, park attendance will be managed through a new park reservation system.

To enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date is required.
Reservations need to be made via My Disney Experience in the coming weeks. You can request one park a day. As customers won’t need to hop between parks, the hopper service is currently suspended.
This reservation applies for all confirmed tickets through 2020, so reserve your parks as early as possible to help plan your itinerary. We’ll let you know when reservations are open."


That’s it! Thanks!

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You’re welcome.

I did chuckle that “customers won’t need to hop between parks” - oh I think you’ll find that we most certainly DO need to! One sweet day…


Exactly, they sweetened you up before the WHACK, “park hopping service is suspended.” :smirk:



Oh park hopping? Who’d want to do that? Epcot and Hollywood Studios are riddled with pox now after Covid, so don’t even worry your little heads about park hopping! :rofl:

OP, I have a son who is Class of 2020 high school too. We are definitely still going (mid-July). I’d love some ideas on making this special. I know we don’t know everything about how the parks are going to operate. But… his senior year has been so upended that I want to do something celebration wise to make it special. Any ideas are most welcome!!!

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