Park Re-Entry?

Just Wondering if anyone has had any difficulty (recently) re-entering the park after taking a break off-site. We will be heading to DLR and DCA next week with a 4 year old and expectant mom, so we are trying to decide if we can get back in to the park after nap time, of if we should stay on-site so we don’t get blocked out of the night festivities.

No issues re-entering park so no reason for staying on property(last time capacity issues was 24 hour party this past May). Main Street will be busy after Soundsational with people staking out spots for parade and fireworks.

I can’t imagine you getting blocked out, but the reentry lines in the afternoon can get very long - or at least they were for us in April. They seem to have few bag checkers out there or something.

Even on July 17th we had no issues entering at around 7pm, so I don’t expect you would have any issue getting back in.