Park re-entry from Citywalk

We’ll be visiting USF on 4/16, the Sat before Easter, when there’s a Crowd Level of 10. We have a dining reservation in Citywalk for dinner at Cowfish. I’m concerned if we leave for dinner, we won’t be able to get back in. Is there a special re-entry option for dining at Citywalk? Should we plan to eat inside USF? What’s your recommendation for inside the park dining?

Nothing inside the parks will hold a candle to the food in CityWalk, but there are some decent options. A favorite for us in US is eating at Louie’s for some basic Italian options, or pizza. The Leaky Cauldron, for experience.

I have a new fan of Finnegans. I don’t think re-entry later is usually an issue?

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Agreed, I’ve never heard of parks being closed for reentry.


We’ve gone back and forth between parks and CityWalk and it’s never been a problem with re-entry. Even on busy days.


I haven’t seen the parks close to capacity in a very long time, and when it did it was around 11am through 3pm. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Also, you don’t have to reclear park security to reenter park if you go to Citywalk, just a rescan of ticket, which is quick.