Park Planning - how many days at MK?

We are going next fall…arriving on a Saturday leaving on Friday, staying at the Poly (with a park hopper).

My question is how many days do i need at the MK? The day we arrive and the day we leave will be going to MK for a bit. And we will be there for MNSSHP…so i was thinking about only spending 1 extra full day (until about 2pm or so) at MK. my group wants to make it to all the parks, and being we are doing MNSSHP we wont be able to do a full day at the park, my kids would melt down!!

any thoughts??

Without park hopping, 6 days, we usually break things up like this; 2 days MK, 1 day AK, 2 days Epcot, 1 day HS.

But, Epcot could be a single day and shift that day to HS or AK.

With park hopping, though, it gives more flexibility. But I’d say 2 days at MK is rather necessary.

It does depend on ages of everyone in the group and what you prefer to focus on, etc., though.