Park plan - any input

Here is my current crown plan showing what the crowd calendar is for days and which park we are going for. The orange cells are when there is MNNSHP and the yellow cells are EMH

Any suggestions for changes?

Fri 20th 3 3 3 4 TRAVEL
Sat 21st 5 4 3 3 Animal
Sun 22nd 2 4 3 3 Magic
Mon 23rd 4 3 2 3 Hollywood
Tue 24th 1 5 2 3 Water Park
Wed 25th 2 3 1 1 Magic - fireworks night
Thu 26th 3 3 3 3 Epcot
Fri 27th 1 2 2 3 Animal
Sat 28th 3 5 2 4 Hollywood
Sun 29th 1 4 3 3 Epcot
Mon 30th 4 4 2 3 Water Park
Tue 1st 3 4 1 3 Magic
Wed 2nd 5 3 1 3 Hollywood
Thu 3rd 1 3 3 3 Animal
Fri 4th 3 6 5 6 Magic & TRAVEL

Ah, I have pasted this in and the colours didn’t copy over! I’ll try and get it to work as a comment later on


Since you have Epcot on a Sunday, I would suggest focusing on FutureWorld that day, and do World Showcase on your Thursday date. This is due to the Food and Wine Festival. Although, Sunday is better than going on Saturday, when WS becomes a madhouse. But Sunday can still be much busier in WS than on a weekday.

You are going at a great time! Crowds will be terrific. Be prepared for the POSSIBILITY of a tropical storm passing through. (Happened to us a few years ago, and we skipped an entire park day and stayed in our resort, as a result…but we still had a great time!)

I think any changes I might suggest simply come down to preference. We wouldn’t know what to do with 3 days at Animal Kingdom, for example! :slight_smile:

My daughter loves animals and we happily spent 3 days at animal last time but once we have done the first week, the second is pretty flexible spending on what we don’t get done or want to do for second time

Epcot - good point. The first day we are there is AM EMH so hope to get as much of future done as possible and then focus on showcase a other day

When we went last may there wasn’t great weather. Fully expecting a rain day or 2!

I personally think you need to focus on WS on Thursday. You can still use the EMH, since WS doesn’t open when the park opens. Use the EMH to get what you can done in FW. But once WS opens, head back there for the rest of the day. Then on Sunday, you can do anything left in WS before noon and then focus on FW the rest of the day. After noon, WS becomes a zoo on weekends due to F & W. We didn’t know this nor think about it, and we were so sorry. We only got halfway through WS before we had to bail because crowds were literally shoulder to shoulder. But FW was almost empty by comparison.

Ah ok I get you. Good advice