Park Picking, Parties, & Thanksgiving Week

Greetings Everyone!
We’re one of those totally insane families that have decided to go the week of Thanksgiving this year (11/23-11/30/19). Our 1st full day is Sunday the 24th, here are my 3 options regarding park selections… let me know what you think if our goal is to have minimal wait times (which is like an oxymoron during the week of Thanksgiving but you know what i mean ;o) :

(1) AK – crowd level of 9 vs all the others having a crowd level of 10
(2) MK-regular admission only – it will possibly have lower crowd levels because it closes early due to the Christmas Party
(3) MK-Christmas Party admission only – parties have a tendency to have lower wait times in general

Keeping in mind that the plan is to do MK 2 days out of the 6 we’re there and if you recommend one of the MK options above it will count as 1 of the 2 days.

What do you think?

Note: Nov 24 is the only day for MVMCP during your dates.

I’m going that week too and went last year – each park will be a 10 that week no matter what the crowd predictions say – and in AK I don’t think there’s much of a difference between a 9 and a 10 anyway. Honestly, I think you should do what you want and not worry about the crowds – they’re going to be what they’re going to be. I know that’s probably not much help, but I wouldn’t put too much thought into it. It’s just going to be crowded, so you might as well be where you want. As long as you have a good touring plan and utilize your fastpasses, there’s really no need to worry about one or two points in crowd predictions.

Here is a link right on this website about what is more important. A good touring plan is 5 times more important than park you pick.

:+1: agreed - the only reason i’m considering it is to take advantage of possible lower crowds.

Thank you so much for responding!
I totally agree that it’s all about the touring plan but i guess in my mind, you gotta start somewhere right? & if there was a chance to have a great touring plan AND a smidgeon-less of crowds - i should try right?:woman_shrugging: And since i don’t have any experience with the Christmas Party figured i’d get the insight of those of you who have thoughts on crowd levels during regular hours vs party hours.