Park Passes added for June, July

Most days are now green again.

Go get 'em!


Funny how that aligned with O Co’s announcement.

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Thank you

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I was just reading, I don’t remember on here or somewhere else, that some people had hotel/ticket packages for a while but never reserved their park. When they called DW to pay their balance they were told some parks were sold out, and they could either wait until 2pm and park hop, or hope someone cancels, or just come to the hotel basically- so they cancelled their trip. Too bad they didn’t wait a few more days as they opened more availability now.

Is this a suggestion to wait until 2 to get a park res?

I hope they were told to make what they could, tap in there, and park hop at 2.

Because you have to HAVE a reservation for A park AND tap in to that park before hopping.

And of course if your vacation will be “totally worthless and ruined” if you don’t get a boarding pass and you can’t get a Studios reservation, then…yeah, your vacation will be “totally worthless and ruined” since the chaos times on phones are before hopping hours.

Best advice is make reservations ASAP and then adapt as necessary.

Thank you for this. I was having trouble finding time for the end of my DH FL-discover ticket. Now I can/did :slight_smile:

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You know I’m probably not the best person to ask for DW advice since I have never been before. From what I understand if you want to park hop, at least for now, you have to wait until 2 pm to do so, whereas pre-pandemic you could do it at anytime. I guess the best thing to do is make your rez as far in advance as possible, and if the park you want isn’t available at least have rez for A park so you don’t get sompletely shut out.