Park pass reservation questions

I have a park hopper for my September trip. Right now my plan is to make HS my arrival day park and try for a boarding group while I’m in the airport and if I get it hope that I can use it at 1:30 pm or later. If I don’t get it I would try to get there in time for the 1:00 drop. I have one other HS day where I am rope dropping. I noticed MK and HS are the mostly sold out parks for reservations. I know I have to tap into the reservation park first. Are 2 HS days enough to try for a BG or should I make my Tuesday MK day a HS morning in case I need it since I won’t be going to MK until 1 or 2. Here’s my current park plan
Saturday HS res
Sun AK res, MK hop
Mon universal
Tues MK res and boo bash
Wed universal hhn
Thurs Epcot res
Fri HS res, AK hop

I think your plan and schedule look great. If you don’t get the 7am BG, you have a back up plan to be in HS at 1:00. What if for some reason you can’t make it to HS by 1? Would you try to visit a different park or still go to HS?

Since you have park hopper, you may want to still reserve HS for Tuesday as a backup backup plan. But the risk would be having success for a BG Monday, and then MK being sold out Tuesday. And it would be inconvenient to tap into HS first, just to be able to visit MK. Especially since you have a long day planned already. But beings it’s a Tuesday in September I doubt MK will sell out of park reservations.

You will probably be able to tell leading up to your dates if any parks will be fully booked. If parks are not getting booked full, you can probably just wait til the day before to 100% decide what park you book on Tuesday.

Does this make any sense? :crazy_face:

Yes it does. This is exactly what I’m struggling with lol
I got an Ogas res for arrival day so I will probably still go even if I can’t make it by 1. Yes you’re right it might be clearer what I should do as the dates are closer.

Well you definitely don’t want to miss that!

But yeah, 2 out of the 5 WDW days are reserved for HS, you should be good. Especially if you are well prepared for the BG attempt. :wink:

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