Park opening times for early entry

What times do the parks start letting people in for Early Entry? In other words, if “Early Entry”, e.g. ride availability starts at 8a, what time are people allowed to tap in? Is is the same at every park? Thanks.


It varies by park, and sometimes they mix things up. But for the most part, I would plan to be admitted to your first ride’s queue right at early entry.

You are usually let into the park before EE – maybe 15-30 min before EE, or longer on a crowded day. There may be a second point where only hotel guests are allowed past. Then there will be a rope where they will hold you until they allow you to get in line at your desired attraction.

At EP, they usually already have a Remy line forming on the bridge as soon as people are admitted to the park. There is also a rope at the Main Gate if you are going to TT, FEA, etc.

For HS, there are separate lines for ToT, SDD, MMRR, RotR, etc. where you are held until they start operations, which can sometimes be earlier than EE official start.

For MK, IME they keep you at the rope right up until EE starts – one rope each for SDD / Fantasyland (general), and Tomorrowland. Then the CMs march you to the queue for whatever ride you are in line for in an orderly fashion – no running. People peel off for secondary attractions like Buzz or Peter Pan.

At AK, the big line is for FoP. I have never braved it myself, because it’s usually too early for my tastes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: