Park opening hours

Quick question.
We are going to DW for the last 2 weeks of August and currently the park opening hours & show times have not been released.
How far in advance do they usually release these?
I am due to start to book restaurant reservations from the 18th February but it’s difficult without the timings etc.
Any advice greatly received.

Sorry to hijack your post but I was literally about to ask something very similar.

My ADR date is March 11th, but currently park hours only go 176 days in advance, meaning when it comes to booking my ADRs I won’t have park hours for any of the dates I’m there.

Is this normal?

If you look on Kenny the Pirate’s site, he has August opening hours listed. Disney will change them though up to mid July.

@skintc mid way through Feb he should update for Sept.

I’m curious about the same, my window opens in March for our September trip. Have the dining plan and our plans are to eat in the parks to save time. Knowing the hours ahead of time would be extremely helpful.

I’m more interested in closing hours. What’s posted now for my May trip are considerably shorter hours than they usually end up to be. I know Disney will make adjustments in April, but is it fair to say the hours are never shortened?

Yes they may be longer than first released, but it’s very rare for them to be shortened.

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