Park opening hours: Do they ever change opening time a month out or am I just crazy

I could have sworn 3/19 hours were 9am with extra magic starting 8am and then it changed recently to opening 8am and EMH 7am. Is it possible they made this change? Ditto 3/20, I think it went from 9 to 8. Or am I just misremembering. Thoughts?

Your memory is not at fault. The exact same thing happened to me for 3/31. Also, 3/28 the EMH were changed from 11pm-1am to 12am-2am. So keep an eye on those evenings too.

Yes, our lovely 8am EMH’s are now 7am. Glad for the extra hour, but dang that is awful early to be in the parks!

If we am doing 7am (or before that!) mornings fr RD, chances are LOW that evening EMHs will be relevant. But thanks! (But my kids are little. Maybe when they’re teens!)

This appears to happen for the 2/3 weeks around easter most years. lots of 8 am openings added .about 4 weeks out. Leading to 7 am emh. Check again at 2 weeks out as thats when they are totally finalised apart from day of changes.

It is early - especially if you were at a park the night before.

Then we also have to reorganize our TP for the day. And my pre-RD ADR at CP is now a post-RD ADR, which kind of bums me out.

On the other hand, should I really be complaining about an extra hour at MK? Probably not. :smiley:

Yes, it is normal. Have gone around the Easter holiday twice & it happened each time.

I’ve said this often:
If you can get there for the 7AM RD, even in the most crowded days of the year,
those 1st 2-3 hours are marvelously uncrowded with near-zero waits if you do it right.
It’s well worth it.

Yes, us too! Got 8:15am Cindy res, felt all smug, and now it’s post-RD 8am. Maybe we’ll see if they’ll let us in 7:50am bc we’re Cindy guests? Get some empty park pics. But it’s our 2nd MK day, so we’re OK on schedule/lines otherwise.

Will you not get in at 7 am with emh?

3/19 went from 9 entry & 8 am EMH. But 3/20 originally 9 entry & 8:15 Cindy res (no morning EMH). But now 3/20 is 8am opening and us 8:15 Cindy res. So we give up some prime rinding line-avoiding time. Oh well. Cindy should be fun. Maybe I switch it to lunch, actually, although a party of 9 not so easily moved!

So much for that, nothing later morning or lunch, even for party of 2, let alone 9.

Ok they should let you in about 7.45 then. Just go to the ADR line and tell them Im sure it will be fantastic Enjoy x

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7am is so early but soooo magical! Highly recommend; you feel a little like you own the place :wink: