Park hours-when released?

When looking at the released park hours on the Disney site, I see they are only posted through mid August. My ADR opens in a few weeks and if I am calculating it correctly, park hours for my trip won’t show until a few days after I do ADR. When I log in my MDE account to do my ADR, will it show the park hours for my trip (similar to how dining dates open up for dining at this point)??

You’ll only see the publicly published park hours at that time. The “real” park hours won’t be released, usually, until about a month ahead. Pain in the toucus but true.

Hoard those ADRs - Disney practically makes you by doing the hours this way.

What’s the difference between publicly released and real hours? Does that mean that the dates that are posted for early August won’t definitely be the hours? Does they usually change?

You’ve got that correct.

The “real” hours won’t be released until late June or July most likely. They very very often change from what you see now.

Check out this post - it has links to calendars with hours further out than on the WDW website. Note that these are “unofficial”, but they have been spot on so far.