Park hours week before Thxgiving

I know they are subject to change but I just noticed that MK has reduced hours the week before Thanksgiving. Any particular reason for this?

Thurs 11/16: 8a-4:30p
Fri 11/17: 8a-7p

We are thinking about a trip the week before Thanksgiving and just plotting out a few possibilities now. Our last two trips as a family have been at the end of Feb/beginning of March so the November timeframe is new to us! Any other things to be aware of?

I would assume that Friday is a Christmas party day and that Thursday is a convention or a Cast Member appreciation evening (or something along those lines). I don’t think that those hours will change.

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I agree.

Darn. Totally forgot about the Christmas party! That puts a little wrinkle in our plans for that week. Back to the drawing board! :wink: