Park Hours vs Plan Times

So I’m heading to WDW MK on November 7th and the park opens at 8am, but the plan won’t start until 9am (my first ride being at 9:12a). Am I missing something or does the 8am refer to the 60 mins before rope drop? I’m trying to plan out what time we should get there and I’m a bit confused. Any help would be appreciated.

Hoping this is public?

In order for us to see your plan you need to select the “publish” option in the plan and then post the link listed there.

Looks like the park opens at 8am, so you should be able to enter Main Street at 7am and be riding at 8:12. I know they just extended hours for November, so maybe the TPs haven’t caught up yet?

TP has caught up with the calendar changes, so my bet is that the “Plan Hours” in the TP are set to start at 9:00 even through the “Park Hours” start at 8:00. Once @qhoney changes that it should work OK.

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Ah, thank you. I just saw this option, duh. I’ve changed it :slight_smile:

You just need to post the link that it provides you when you select “publish” - it will be in the top information box of you plan.

Also check the “Plan Times” listed in that box - my guess it starts 9:00. Switch the Plan Times to match the Park Times and you should be good to go

My dates just had some hours adjusted as well and as of yesterday TP hasn’t been updated yet.

OK, looks like we have been crossing messages - based on what I now see in your plan it looks like it has been sorted. BTW, the share link for this plan is

For others like @drtyblnd0205 who may have the same problem. what is happening here is that when park hours change the TP folks update their database (usually the same day) and you will see the new “Park Hours” in your plan. However, your “Plan Hours” will not have changed as that is something you specify, so if you want to take advantage of the changed hours you need to go in and update that in your plan yourself.

The park doesn’t open an hour early when normal opening is 8am. It opens about 7.45.

Hm, I thought it was only slightly before EMH, but 1 hr before regular opening (e.g. info here doesn’t specify Thanks for clarifying.

When I looked yesterday I was looking at my dashboard where it lists the parks hours for that day and they hadn’t been changed. I’m going to go check it out again.

Really? I have my 11/17 MK day showing that my new EMH is 7am which is soooo early.

With an 8 am opening, EMH will be at 7 when it’s scheduled. But if there’s no EMH, people won’t be allowed on Main St at 7 - an hour early - like they are if it’s a 9am opening.

A 7am opening will be great! Lots of people will decide to stay in bed and skip it!

I know and we need RD for some rides but it’s after a late night at Epcot, whomp whomp

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Checked again and the times are adjusted for my week (2-9 Dec).

Ooh that will be hard work!