Park Hours: Touring Plans forecast in Feb vs UC Tourist forecast

I see several discrepancies 6 months out from now in Feb 2018 (week of 4th thru 9th) between TP and UCTourist. Just trying to know which one has the right park hours, or best guess?

I know Disney sometimes waits to post park hours for a while, but not sure why these are showing different. I saw historical park times too, and see discrepancies. Anyone know who might have the most accurate predictions?

For instance:
FEB 4th MK Close: TC 10pm and UC 8:00pm
FEB 4-9th AK Close: TC 7:30pm and UC 7:00pm

We are just making dining reservations and touring plan setup per day. But just curious when these actually become more real? I have seen times getting updated in some places, but doesn’t match TP, so curious what to expect?

I think any February hours are predictions at this point but I have learned over the years that Touring Plans is much more reliable. I believe UT is much better than it was years ago but it was the first Disney planning app I downloaded years ago when I got my first smart phone ( many years ago). At that time the app was like the TP app, it gave you wait times and park crowd predictions. I deleted UT app when it consistently reported wait times for attractions that were down for scheduled refurbs- days and even weeks after they closed. I would look on the TP app and it always reported them closed. It still took me maybe two years to pay for the full TP access- sometimes I make stupid mistakes.

I called WDW and made HEA dessert reservations for 6:45 on my MK nights that week. That would infer an 8:00 close which is more in line with TP than with other sites I have seen.

Thanks for the comments. I think I see what might be happening as well between the two. UT is forecasting about one week ahead of what Disney site is showing on their posted times. (Disney is posting park hours just under 6 months in advance apparently.) So UT is matching that perfectly from what I can tell. And likely they have someone that is calling into Disney and getting a heads up for the next week before posted so they can get that predicted out there before posted on the WDW site. (My travel agent said she can call into someone and get a glimpse of about a week ahead before posted.)

So UT is matching what is posted on WDW site. And TP is apparently not doing that exactly, but using other info like past history and other data to predict their own version of it. So at this time, WDW is posting the times already for that week, and it doesn’t match TP. But my guess is that TP is using some analytics and calculating that WDW will change that time possibly as we get closer to the actual date, regardless of what WDW is actually saying on the site today. (So that is my guess of why there might be a discrepancy.)

Anyway, that is what I have pieced together recently…for what it’s worth!