Park hours March-early close for IOA?

We will be at Universal March 8-12. Every night IOA closes at 9 except our last night on the 12th-it closes at 6 that night on a Thursday. I can’t find out why? The rest of the month is a 9:00 close.

Sometimes they have special events, like grad parties, or Mardi Gras events, etc. Not sure specifically in this case, but it is probably something along those lines.

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That’s what I figured, too, but I couldn’t find anything specific. We were planning to end our last evening at Hogsmeade at night with the castle and everything. At least I have advance notice to change plans around. :blush:

Oh. Wait. Nevermind. Wrong date. :wink:

I just received an email that there is a VIP night-sort of like DAH I suppose-on March 6, and at first I thought that was why IOA is closing at 6 our last night but, yes, wrong date. We’ll just have to make sure to see the nighttime Hogwarts lights a different night.

I just got an email that explains this. Undercover Tourist has rented out the park for a VIP party that night, thus explaining the early closing.