Park hours concern

Good morning,

I make ADR’s on June 4th (a week from tomorrow). Park hours for our trip haven’t been released yet and I’m getting concerned as they have always been out by now when I have made reservations before.

Any suggestions? Have any of you made reservations/planned what park to go to when hours weren’t released?

Just getting nervous.


Our trip starts the day after yours and it seems the hours are being released day by day this week. I think hours are out for Dec 1, 2, and 3, and being released each day…I’ve gotten an email from TP each day so far with “updated” hours, although I’m not sure what they were before except for the 1-2 parks I’m tracking those days. I’ve made plans based on Kenny the Pirate’s listed hours and so far they’ve been right. Disney won’t finalize the hours until mid-November, though.

This is how/why people end up hoarding ADRs. Do what you have to. Make a plan A, B, and C.

I’d use TP’s predicted hours.

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Check out Kenny the Pirate’s Crowd Calendars for advance park hours - here is an previous thread on this topic:

I use TP’s predictions as a guide to what the park hours will actually be on the day, and KtP’s hours for what they will be on day 180.

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@mdolmstead To add to your concerns - whatever hours they DO release now, chances are very high that they will be changed a few times right up until you are there. They rarely shorten hours, and usually add hours - if that helps.

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