Park Hours, ADRs, and a Newbie... oh my!

Hi all.
I’m planning our June trip and trying to decide about evening ADRs with the current park hours in mind. Have three teens and two adults in our party, so solid dinners are a must. ADR window opens tomorrow morning (3 AM baby, Pacific coast!)
We arrive 6/6, and then parks:
6/7 MK
6/8 DHS
6/9 AK
6/10 EP
6/11 MK
6/12 DHS
Am thinking about DS or resort TS – what do you recommend for evenings? And should I even book ADRs if the thinking is that the park hours will be expanded by early June?
We’re staying at AoA :slight_smile:

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Hi, and Welcome!

I’m not much help, not knowing what the park hours even are right now. However, I’m also a West Coaster who navigates WDW without switching inner clocks too much.

Because of the time difference, are you only looking for dinner after parks close, or are you amendable to in park ADRs?

Both DS and resort TS are great options. Homecomin’ is a popular Liner favorite in DS while Topolinos at Riviera and Sanaa at AKL also get great reviews.

Thanks for the reply!

With the shortened hours, I was really thinking dinner after park close. MK closes at 6, DHS and EP at 7, and AK at 5, so thinking that I don’t want to spend park time with TS if I can do it after park close…

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I would fully expect that by the time your trip rolls around, the park hours will be extended significantly something in line with how they were this week. So I wouldn’t count on MK to close at 6 and then hit a 7:30 ADR in DS. MK will likely close at/after 9 pm in June. AK will be similar. EPCOT may even be open until 11 pm if the current trend holds.

Might I suggest another potential option…do your “big” meal as a late lunch TS meal in the parks (or at a nearby resort) to give yourself a great break from the heat. Then go back to the park for the evening when it cools down (at least a little bit) and the crowds thin out some.


Have to agree with cconng. They’ve been extending hours only about two weeks in advance, so there’s a high likelihood hours will be extended at least somewhat.


Ok – this is exactly what I was looking for! I haven’t been tracking the park hour extensions as closely as I had hoped leading into my ADR window, so what you’re saying is really helpful.