Park Hopping Question from a First Timer

Our family is considering getting park hopping tickets for the first time. We’ll be visiting for 8 days and purchasing Genie + because we don’t do well with lines.

For those who’ve had to a chance to try it out, would you recommend rope dropping/early theme park entry the parks that you don’t have to use Genie + heavily (Epcot and AK) and then hopping over to HS or MK (while stacking Geni+ throughout the day), or the reverse and go to HS or MK in the morning and going to Epcot or AK in the afternoon since they’ll likely have more Genie+ options still available for the more popular rides later in the day?


Option A

We RD AK and stacked for HS evening and that was just about our best trip day


Same, started at AK with a rope drop at FoP, and stacked for DHS. Worked perfectly!


I don’t rope drop anymore and there are a few in these threads that sleep in and G+ it instead or just use a TP. You need to do what works for you. Whatever you choose that will make your trip a happy one is all that matters.

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Thanks everyone!

Has anyone tried rope dropping, going to the resort for a nap and then closing the park? With park hopping, I’d like to try it, but not sure how my kids (ranging from 6-11) would do with less sleep at night and trying to nap in the afternoon.

Alternatively, we could rope drop, take a break for lunch at a TS restaurant and then go to another park until 6/7pm.

When my kids were 5 and 9 we went in August. On our second day my family listened and we rope dropped Epcot and had a fabulous day. No one in my family can nap during the day and for us going back to the hotel mid-day seems like a waste of precious park time.

Instead we would rope drop, and get TS for mid-afternoon and cool off inside for 90 minutes with a meal and then venture back out again usually staying until just before fireworks.

It really depends on how well your family can stand the heat. And how many days at the park you have. We love to hop and sometimes that helps too - AC on a park bus moving to a different park. I will say though after 4 full days in the park, we did take a rest day which helped immensely.