Park hopping June 29 - Tiana afternoon Lightning Lane

Going to WDW last weekend of June and would love to try and get on Tiana’s on Sat June 29, but not interested in full day at MK since was just there in Feb.

Was thinking getting a Park Hopper ticket and doing Epcot in the morning and MK/Tiana in the afternoon.

Do people think I will be able to get a Tiana Lightning Lane via Genie+ in the 5p to 10p window sometime in the morning? MK crowd forecast is 5. Do we expect that to go up?

Can anyone think of a good LL ride equivalent to look at on Thrill Data? It’s tough because Tron and ROTR are ILL and not LL

I’d book Tiana as your first LL at 7am and take what you can get. You can then try to modify after that.


I think that, especially on that day, you’ll need to try right at 7am, and be prepared to take what you get.


Honestly I think this will be the equivalent of Slinky, as far as booking G+ goes.


Thanks. The trick is whether we can manage park hopping and get tiana in the afternoon so we can do epcot in the morning

slinky is a good proxy; thanks

We just assumed, but you’re staying on property, correct?

Everyone can book G+ at 7am. It’s the ILLs where you have to wait for park opening if not staying onsite.

Oh yeah… I keep forgetting that’s not going to be paid.

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