Park hopping Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom: which one should we go to first?

We are planning to park hop between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom on a busy day according to the crowd calendar. Hollywood Studios has extra magic hour in the morning, so my initial plan is going there first at rope drop. Then go to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon with hopefully a Fast Pass for Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest and one other. We will stay for the rivers of light show.
Is this a good plan or is it better to go to AK first? I read somewhere that Rivers of light show is not that great and the fireworks at HS is better.

On average people like Fantasmic more than they like Rivers of Light, but of course this varies by group.

If when you go the boarding group system is still in place for Rise of the Resistance, chances are that DHS will be much more crowded in the morning than AK, but that can change depending on your trip dates.

It also depends on whether you can get a FP for Flight of passage or not. Are you staying onsite? How late in your trip is your park hopping day?

Thanks for your reply Alice!
Staying onsite, and I just managed to get FP for Flight of passage in the afternoon! Applied the tip I read somewhere that you can book from the first day of you stay at the resort and not from the day of your visit to the park. So mine was 63 days prior to park visit.
I have to find more information about Star Wars, boarding group for Rise of the Resistance etc. I’ll have to make a good plan for DHS in the morning. We have never been there, so I do not know any of the rides.
Have a great day!

Just realize you may have to choose between Rise of the Resistance and park hopping to AK as a morning boarding group isn’t a slam dunk, especially if it goes down for extended periods that day.

Also, be aware they have mostly been moving HS morning EMH to evening ones instead since RotR opened, so keep an eye on that.

These will get you up to speed on boarding groups pretty quick.

Read just the first post in this thread:

Read the first post in this thread, then skip to the end and find the latest graph posted (also might want to read last couple of weeks of posts for recent experiences):

Great! Thanks for the info. I will start doing my homework on HS :wink:

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