Park hopping Fast Pass recommendations: the morning vs. afternoon debate!

Hi everyone! I’ve got FastPass+ picks tomorrow morning and was hoping I could get some advice from the pros :wink:

We have park hopper passes for 11/20 and 11/21 and planning on splitting each day between MK and HS as follows: 11/20 HS/MK (can’t wait to see HEA!!) and 11/21 MK/HS. I’ve already booked some dining reservations around that plan, so now I just need to figure out my FPP accordingly.

My main question is do I select my 3 FPP for the afternoon/evening park or morning park? I know that the obvious answer would be morning and then do single FPPs at the 2nd park, but when we went last year we were able to do so many rides at rope drop up until 11am that it seems to be a waste. Has anyone had success with afternoon/evening FPP instead of morning? Or do they wish they stuck with morning? For the morning selections at HS, what has everyone been doing for the show selection with the new tiers?

Any tips or tricks would be very helpful, as this is the first time making FPP at the 60 day mark and for multiple days at a time. Thank you all!

What is your priority? For HS/MK I would book my Tier 1 FP in the morning and as soon I scanned in I would grab two at MK. I just don’t think you need FPs for the tier 2 rides. I focus on my ride priorities, not general first or second park rules.


I totally agree with previous comment for DHS morning. Then, for your MK morning, I’d pick all three FPP at MK so don’t have to worry about DHS tier system. I realize that means you are at the mercy of same day FPP, but depending what time your DHS afternoon begins it may not be so rough. Many people who started at DHS will still be “stuck” having to use up the first the first three until midday.

Oh wow I didn’t think you could do that, I thought your initial 3 FP had to be in the same park, but this definitely helps thanks!

You do not need to book three. You cannot book in two parks before your stay but you can book the other two that morning.

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If you only book one FPP, do you have to scan in before you can start booking in another park? Or can you wake up in the morning and book them immediately?

Bumping for a response. I’m also wondering the same thing. Thanks in advance

I don’t think I tried it, but others have shown that they can have FPPs in multiple parks at the same time. I’m not sure what time same-day FPPs become available (midnight? 6am? Park opening?) but you don’t have to tap in before booking.

You have to use the park 1 fp first and then you can book fp in any park.