Park Hopping Experiences

What’s everyone’s opinion and experience on park hopping? Do you suggest it?

We love hoppers. It just gives me more freedom. I think it depends on what you want to accomplish and who is in your party.

I would not go without it.

I have only done it during one trip, but I was just doing a half day at one park and another for a different park.

If it is your first visit you may do best not hopping.

I suggest this, get base tickets, if you decide you want to hop while you are there you can upgrade at any ticket window.


I always park hop. I will rope drop a park, take a break and then return to a second park. I always save my FPs for the 2nd park. When staying in an EP area resort I will hop into EP for a meal.

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I guess that I am anti-hopper. When we have had them we really didn’t use them as our plans worked better with one park per day. On our last trip we didn’t get hoppers and used the savings to get MVMCP tickets, which essentially made one day a hopper day (AK, then MK for the party).

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I’ve never purchased a park hopper as I don’t really see the need to visit multiple parks during the day. That said, I do have an annual pass now and did visit multiple parks but that was either on one of my “extra days” or if I needed to run and get a souvenir that I missed.

I always have park hoppers (either AP or military tix), and typically hop a couple of days in a 4-5 day trip. Last trip I was VERY glad we had them. It poured rain on our “DHS day”; we finally gave up at around 3:00 and were bummed because we wanted to see the Osborne lights. So later in the week we made a shorter day of AK, and then hopped to DHS for the evening. On my last solo trip I did RD at EP, hopped to AK mid-afternoon for a Liner meet, and then after it closed, hopped to MK to meet up with some other Liners. There have been a couple of times that DW just wanted to sleep in, so I would do RD at one park, and they go to a different one with her later in the day.


Hopper are fun, but for those who have never been, it may be too much. Everyone posting here has developed their favorites and have been a few times. A first timer does not need hoppers, especially in the summer when the parks are open late, in my opinion.

Again unless you know for certain if you want to hop, buy base tickets now. Buy the cheaper ticket, then if while you are at the park you decide you want to hop, buy the ability then. Instead of buying it now and then not using it.

We loved it as a single couple. We often would go to whatever park and end the night with dinner in EPCOT. We tried almost every restaurant in world showcase that way. When my son was little however, didn’t like it as it was too much for him – tried it a couple times and he just couldn’t hang enough to make it worth the money.

Next trip he will be older so we are going to attempt do do it again.

We hop quite a bit every trip - but it probably was our fourth trip before we felt we needed a hopper. Now as an AP holder we can’t imagine touring without a hopper. We really enjoy the flexibility that a hopper or AP provides.

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I am an unabashed, unrepentant park hopper. There. Its out there.


I’m with @brenfroe! We love the flexibility of park hopping.

I find park hopping useful on days that are mainly at the smaller parks – Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Basically I’ll use the touring plans for those parks on that day, then will hop over to Epcot or MK for dinner and the nighttime stuff (fireworks, electrical parade, Illuminations, etc.). What’s nice in doing this is that you can visit MK and Epcot and have the sole focus for the evening be those events (though we always work in a few rides and shows, too).

This works the other way around too for HS – spend most of the day at MK or Epcot following a TP, then head to HS for its nighttime events as well.

Just my 2 cents worth.


We have always gotten PH tickets. However, since having kids, we rarely use them. We take it pretty easy at the parks in the AM and then go back to the hotel pool to relax, then go back to the park in the evening. The kids always want to get to another ride, which we promise to go to after our break. Before kids, we zoomed around and got through a lot of stuff and moved on to another park (or went to EP every night). But now, with our leisurely pace there is always something to get back to and we haven’t needed to use our PH. Also, after AK, we use to go to another park, but with kids we have always just made that a short day, went to a nice dinner and watched fireworks on the Poly beach. We have used our PH to go to HS in the morning and EP in the evening (we love to roam the world showcase and eat and drink in different countries for dinner), but we don’t NEED to, essentially we just wanted to hop parks so as not to waste hundreds of dollars :wink: This year we are getting base tickets and only adding park hopper if we need it (for example, if the day we are in HS we can’t get Jedi Training or something like that).