Park Hopping during COVID

Hello! We are heading to WDW June 28-July 5. I have purchased park hopper passes since we do normally jump around on some days. How is that working during COVID with park reservations? I booked our park reservations and it looks like I’m only able to book one park per day??? TIA!

You must go to your first park. You can then hop to other parks after 2:00.

And here’s the number to call to verify your park is open up to hop to, although it’s not been an issue so far
(407) 560-5000

Oh! Thanks! That makes sense!

Thank you!

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As of today they have never restricted hopping to any park.


You only book an APR for your first park. You can hop to any park, or parks, later. Some people have gone to all four parks in one day.


Is this 2 pm restriction for hopping likely to stick around? I saw the wording that the time of hopping is subject to change. But is there a real reason for this 2 pm thing?

HS will always be after the 1:00 RotR drop.

I think 2pm was chosen because that’s the time that the parks started emptying out, because people could get so much more done with the lower crowds.

I think as crowds increase but capacity is still limited (albeit it might well increase to 50% by Summer, maybe even more), that some parks might have different times or even be unavailable for hopping.

but it’s also after the 1:00 BG drop too. They only allow those w/ HS park reservations to try for a 1:00 BG.

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ah, yes, that is definitely critical. This makes a lot of sense because people would flock to HS to try for that BG. Do you just have to have tapped into HS that day prior to 1 pm to be eligible (with an APR for that day)? Or do you have to physically be in the park?

Will hopping even be worth it if this is the case? I don’t do a lot of hopping but I like to eat dinner in Epcot often during my trip. I suspect that the guest complaints if hopping reaches capacity will be monumental. It just doesn’t seem like you can sell someone a PH ticket if they will not be able to PH.

The former.

You must have a park reservation for the day and have tapped in. And not already have got a BG that day. But you don’t still have to be in the park at 1pm to try.

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If you aren’t able to hop at all I’m sure GS will refund the hopper part. But they won’t guarantee you can hop to the park of your choice.

But I’m sure this is part of the reason why they won’t sell new APs right now, even to people who’ve had them before. Because they can’t guarantee that park hopping will be possible and that’s a big part of AP privileges.

So far PH hasn’t been an issue. Believe it or not, my thinking, shuffling 35% capacity around the parks is working. Here’s the number to call while you’re there to make sure your park is open for hoping 407-560-5000. BTW: I’ve been able to hop into HS that was sold out for the day.