Park hopping and same day FP

I have FP for HS, and I plan to use them all.
RnRC 9
TSM 10

When can I try for a Soarin same day drop? After I’ve used one? Or two? Or does the Tier 1 need to be gone also?

If you want to use all 3 at HS, you can look for Soarin once you have tapped into your MFSR FP.


To add to this, if you have three FPs booked and intend to use all three, you can only book a 4th once you have tapped into the third.

It doesn’t mater if the tier 1 FP is at the beginning, all three must be used before booking a 4th.

If you don’t intend to use all three before park hopping, different rules apply. You would cancel the ones you don’t want, and as soon as you tap into the first you can book #2&3 elsewhere.


So all the talk about getting a FP in another park once you’ve tapped into the first FP at the first park is because people only have 1 or 2 pre-booked FP? I wasn’t sure.



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Got it. Thanks!