Park hopping and Individual Lightning Lane limits

Disney says Individual Lightning Lane purchases are limited to 2 per day. Does that change if you park hop? Want to do AK and MK as park hop and want to be able to buy all 3 ILLs (Avatar, Mine Train, Tron). Will I be able to do that if I purchase an All Parks genie +?

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You can purchase 2 ILLs per day. Period. Even when park hopping. You don’t need to buy G+ to purchase ILLs.

If you plan to book LLs in AK and MK you need to purchase multipark G+.


Wow; that doesn’t seem very fair when MK has 2 ILLs.

You can ride Tron using the Virtual Queue and purchase ILL for FOP and Seven Dwarfs.

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They don’t want pirchasing ILL to take the place of the VIP tours - otherwise I am sire they would take your money!

I am doing a 4 parks in 1 day soon and am going to get the VQ for Tron and buy ILL for GOTG and FOP.