Park Hopping After WOC

We are doing the WOC dessert party next Saturday at 9pm. We plan to hop over to Disneyland after the show. Wonderous Journeys with fireworks is scheduled for 9:30pm. Will we be able to get to any rides while the show is going or will main street be impassable? Tips, tricks, advice?


It takes a while to do the transfer for WOC. You should be able to get into DL and they will probably have pathways open into Tomorrowland and Adventureland. They usually open up the bypass routes behind Main Street. It can be very tricky to navigate, especially if Fantasmic is going on too. Just know where you’re going and how to get there.

Main Street is usually pretty good during fireworks, but don’t even think about it for parades.

Worst case scenario you’re looking at 20 minutes to get to your first ride.

Once you’re in one of the lands it tends to lighten up—usually standbys are walk on during the shows. Big Thunder is very fun to ride during the fireworks so don’t miss that!

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If you walk with purpose to enter DL & move straight through the walkways as directed by CM’s along Main St, it is possible to clear Main St & the hub before the show ends (~9:45 if it starts at 9:30). It won’t be free & clear as mentioned above but they do keep certain pathways as walkways so follow directions from the CM and note that you’ll want to make sure you are clear of the hub before the show ends because then it will be a madhouse. Much better to navigate before/during.

If they don’t open up the bypass options behind Main Street, some of the stores are connected inside (but not all all the way through). The ones that are can be used to avoid some of the crowd.

Also as mentioned, one thing to watch for is that F! will be getting out just before FWs start so you may have to work around the tail-end of that rush of people leaving BUT that’s why Disney has CM’s stationed in the area to direct traffic. On busier nights (especially the ones they don’t open the bypasses behind), they’ll have each side of Main St be one-way traffic. Everyone exiting will be directed only use the Emprorium side of the street & funnel out under the tunnel that is on the Firehouse/City Hall side of Town Square. Those entering will be directed up the opposite site along the Opera House/Main Street Cinema side. So key is to listen to any CMs directing traffic & just keep moving.

If you’re wanting to get to Tomorrowland you’ll just stay to the right & enter it once you pass Plaza Inn. (You can also get to the limited parts of Fantasyland or Toontown that may be open by staying right, but I don’t recommend either of those as you’ll be in a corner with few options). If wanting to go to Frontierland, Adventureland, New Orleans Square or Galaxy’s Edge, there will be roped off pathways (one halfway up Main Street, one at the end of Main St near the hub, and a third right through the center of the hub). Follow the CM’s directions to using one of those to cross over and go to the Left/West side of the park if that’s where you’d like to go.

You can always skip all of the Main St hullaballo & use the train to get to whichever area you want to go. The only issue is sometimes depending on the weather they have to hold the trains (if the wind could potentially blow the fireworks towards the tracks where it passes near small world, then they close small world, hold the trains and keep crowds from getting too close to the small world facade). If they had to hold the train, they’ll need to wait for the fire marshal to clear the tracks to run trains again. And that can be a 20 min process & back-up the train when you could easily make that walk in less than that time. But if you so happen to be passing the train platform & a train pulls in, that could be a really easy way to dodge it all.

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