Park Hopping Actually Worth It Over Christmas?

We’re going 12/23-1/1. I’ve read Touring Plans and all sorts of other blogs saying that it’s a good idea to do EMH in the AM and then hop to another park in the PM, especially during the busiest week between Christmas and NYE. Is that really worth it? Seems like you would lose at least an hour just to hop to another park, which could be time just spent waiting in lines at the first park without the hassle of having to hop to another.

When I park hop I almost always take a break back at the resort for a few hours during peak hours.

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That’s too much time wasting for us (no offense). We’re not people that need breaks. I just want to know if it’s actually more efficient to do the hop to another park or if it’s about the same or better to just stay in the park with EMH once it starts getting more crowded mid-day?

If it’s still available then, look into the Express Transportation option. You’ll be able to avoid the security check at the second park, so it saves some time.

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Totally agree. I’m not sure without express transportation that it would be worth the hassle. Your bus lines are definitely going to be longer than normal during those dates.

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You need to be aware of the potential for phased closing.

That said, in 2016 / 17 thee was no closures at all. MK at one point looked like it might reach the first stage but didn’t. They redirected cars to park at Epcot but still let people come back to MK on the monorail.

However, if I had dining reservations, or really wanted to be in one park for NYE, even Christmas Eve / Day, I would want to make sure I was there by 4 or 5pm. Staying onsite with a eservation means you would be the last to be denied entry though, so by then you would have seen if there was any phased closings.

Yeah we’re resort-guests, so I’m not worried about them reaching Phase 4 closure.

I think the express transportation is the way to go if you decide to park hop. We are going Dec. 9-14 and planning on using it, provided it is still offered.

I like taking advantage of late night hours at whatever park is open latest (usually MK, though it’s been AK lately), so I’m a big fan of park hopping. I also prefer taking afternoon breaks, so it gives me more flexibility which park I return to later in the day. However, even if I weren’t taking a break and I can see two different fireworks shows or a bunch of attractions in the evening, then I’ll try to do that. I hate knowing there’s a park open and I’m not visiting it!

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