Park Hoppers stacking LL's and Tip Board Set-Up

For those park hoppers stacking LL’s for their second park, How do you set up your tip board in MDE? Do you set up your tip board for the second park so after you tap into the first park MDE automatically knows to schedule your return times for after 2:00? TIA. ºOº

When you set up “My Day” for the park that you have your APR in, when you are finished, click “View my Day” (I think that is what the prompt says.) Scroll down the page until you see a blue button that says “Plan for your Next Park”. Then you can set the next park up for hopping.

ETA: Read my last post under the Genie thread though!

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Thanks!! That makes sense now. But i’m guessing I’ll still have to press the switch parks link in the tip board to make a my selections for the second park while I’m still in the first.

Interesting observation about the posted return times for the second park showing earlier return times before actually selecting the attraction. Good to know.

Thanks again ºOº

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I only add one thing at a time (sometimes 2) to my tip board so that I don’t have to scroll through a bajillion items to find what I want. I add what I’m next trying for, which I decide based on historical data of when stuff runs out and what I’m observing in real-time too.


Thanks. Great tip!!

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