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Hi there! I’d like to know if it is worth it to buy the Park Hopper option? My last trip was about five years ago, and TP advised us to buy this feature to take advantage of EMH. But I’m not sure if now you need to make reservations for the park you’ll visit, and how the Park Hopping option will work. Also since I’ve read Disney changes their schedules of Late Entries for Resort guests, how will I know where to make my reservations?

You don’t need to make park reservations now if you buy dated tickets. So you can go to whichever park you like and can hop at any time.

Which means that the considerations you used last time as to whether you should buy hoppers apply again now. It really comes down to whether you think you would want to do more than one park a day.

You also have the option to upgrade to park hoppers when you’re there, if you find you would like to park hop.


The evening EMH are only for deluxe resorts so if you aren’t staying in one and that’s the only reason you’d be buying them then don’t.

I used to be a park hopper but the last 5 trips I haven’t hopped and have liked it. Depends on length of stay. Really only you can decide if it’s worth it.


Thank you kindly! Your response is very useful❣️

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Thank you kindly! I truly appreciate your help❣️

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