Park Hopper vs an extra base ticket day

Would you park hop a day mid week with 2 DDs (6 & 4), doing Animal Kingdom in the a.m and Epcot in the p.m.? Or would you just do Epcot on day of arrival (2:30 flight arrival)? Epcot is open until 9:30 the day of arrival.

Currently, we plan to park hop on day 2 at Disney, but it would save us $100 removing the park hopper option and just trying to do Epcot the day we arrive instead. Trying to save a little money, but I don’t want to miss anything either.

Hopping is nice, especially in bad weather, but not all that important. I never hopped until last year for the first time. With little ones, one park one day is fine. Take the extra park day instead.

Especially if you are only hopping one day. Hmm 2:30 arrival though. Up to you.

Also by eliminating the park hopper you will not feel as if you need to get as much done. And you can build more pool time.

Although I always park hop my first thought for you was just to do Epcot your first day. Then I remembered this: last April the weather forcast called for afternoon showers. At 9:10 a torrential downpour began at the Animal Kingdom. It was impossible to walk around with the rivers of water on the paths. Of course we had rain gear but just about everything was closed. AK is not the park to be in when it is pouring!

Would that be your only Epcot day? How many total park days do you have planned?

I would always choose an extra park day over a park hopper, especially with little ones. And if you already have a 3 or 4 day ticket, it’s usually not that expensive to add on another day (and cheaper than getting the park hopper.) My family can easily spend and entire day in every park, and I feel like I’m wasting our time if we’re spending a precious hour hauling kids to the buses, waiting for the bus, and transferring to another park. I could see the park hopper being more useful when the kids are grown or for adult only trips when you might want to plan more flexible evening activities in multiple parks. But for now, we find that with good planning we can do everything we want to do with our regular park tickets. (And of course there’s always the option of upgrading to the hopper if a weather disaster should occur.)

We are there 3 entire days. The plan was to do MK on days 1 & 3, then split day 2 into AK in the morning and Epcot that afternoon/evening.

My worry is that we will be up at 4:30am to travel so I don’t know how exhausted we will all be by the time we get to Disney. Will we even want to go to a park that day?

The girls are 6 & 4, so I know there isn’t a TON to do at Epcot for them, so it even worthwhile for us to add that extra day.

Okay so what you do is wait and see how your first days goes. If you go on your arrival day you can add an additional day to your tickets as long as there is an active day on the pass. If you use all days, and want to add another you will pay full price.

Also should you decide you wish to hop, you can add it at any time, even just before you enter the second park.

We’ve stopped using park hopper last few yrs, since prices keep going up so much. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t miss it at all. was a nice feature, but we;re enjoying the parks just as much as we ever did. I would always choose to add one more day instead, since that way can tour in a more leisurely way, not feel I’d have to compress as many attractions into one day.

Next trip I’m scheduling 3 MK days, 1 day each of other parks, since traveling with grands who are 3 and 5. There’s so much for them to do at MK, especially at their ages. And we always take long afternoon breaks, swim time afternoons, hopefully swim some evenings next time too.

I agree for many years I never had park hoppers. But my last two trip have been adult only, and it has been nice to have. Mostly for me, because I would hit a park or two just for a few rides. Mostly spending my time in the Magic Kingdom. It is also nice to have hoppers when there is a party going on.

I am on the save money where you can. So if you are unsure if you want to hop, wait and buy it when and if you need it.