Park Hopper post-reservations era

Hoping to gather some intel on park hopping now that the park hopping hours are wide open and park reservations no longer required. Mostly curious on how Genie+, ILL, and Virtual Queue function for park hoppers in reality. I am finding a mixed bag of info.
Also - Can you VQ GoG at 7am, and then hop to MK to get the 1pm VQ for Tron same day or not, DW website vague on this?


Same as it was, except now you can book G+ for return times before 2pm at a different park.

Exactly what I’m doing this weekend. You have to have tapped in to MK/EP to join the 1pm VQ but not be present.

My follow up question to that is this: if I hop into MK at 11am and then hop over to HS at 1230, can I still join the VQ for Tron at 1? Or can I have not tapped into another park prior to joining?


This is also something I’d love to know. If I tap into Epcot and HS but I’m either at HS or the resort can I join at 1 for guardians? I thought you had to be in the park.

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This is a good question.

So, I don’t know the answer to that specifically, but I will say this: Disney doesn’t know when you LEAVE a park. So, the point about having “tapped in” is key. But once you tap into a park, Disney doesn’t track who leaves a park. You can tap into Epcot, then immediately leave, and as far as Disney know, you are still in the park.

This means you don’t technically have to be IN the park. (I’m not sure Disney uses any kind of location detection technology. UOR does, but I’ve not seen any convincing evidence that Disney does.)

BUT, if you tap into Epcot, then monorail over to MK and tap in…at that point, Disney now knows you are no longer into Epcot. It is at this point where I’m not sure if they would then allow you to try for a Guardians VQ.


Follow up on this tap in for VQ question.

Does everyone who’s going for the VQ need to have tapped in that day, or just the person booking?

We are park hopping tomorrow. Starting at HS, then plan to leave around 1pm to Siesta at our DVC room at contemporary resort, then head into MK around 3-4pm until closing.

If we wanted to use our 2 paid ILLs for ROTR & SDMT, could I personally tap into MK prior to 1pm & nab Tron VQ slots for my entire family while they stay at HS longer or head straight to the hotel to Siesta ASAP? Or would Disney expect me to drag my wife & kiddos to MK just to tap in for the Tron VQ too?

If everyone needs to shorten or forego a siesta just to get a Tron VQ, then I think I’d rather buy an ILL for Tron & take our chances on standby for SDMT later in the evening.

Yes, everyone who wants to have a VQ from the1:00 drop needs to have already tapped into that park (MK for Tron, EP for GOTG). They do not have to still be there at 1:00, they can leave and be someplace else. But everyone must have already tapped in.


You can! That was confirmed in another thread.

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