Park Hopper plus question

First post! We are staying off property 14 days in June. If we buy 10 day park hopper plus water park tickets and go to a water park on one of our “rest” days, does that count as one of the 10 park days on the ticket?

No. Park days are for the 4 main parks, and water park days are for the 2 water parks. Note that of you go to a main park and a water park on a single calendar day, you will use one of your park days and one of your water park days.

You get 10 days of park entry to the 4 theme parks. You then get 10 additional entries to your wp&m options. If Disney Quest is still open then you could do BBeach, minigolf then DQ all in one day This would use 3 entries . For 14 days a7/8 day wp&m hopper might be enough. Your wp&m entries are based on the number of theme park days you buy. So 7 and 7.Hope this helps

That answers my question! Thanks!

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