Park Hopper/Package Question

I'm still crunching the numbers, so this question might be a bit premature, but I'm hoping some Liners can help anyway. We really only plan to hop on one day of our trip. As a result, it seems as though it may be cheaper (through UT and/or Disney directly) to purchase a base ticket with an extra day, rather than a park hopper ticket for the duration of our stay. My question is, if I do that, can I actually use the extra day remaining on my base ticket when I show up at the second park on the one day I want to hop?

Background: we plan to spend time at both AK and EP on the last day of our trip. We'll be at AK in the am for EMH and Tusker House "brunch," then we want to spend the afternoon and evening at EP.

Thank you!!!

You cannot purchase an extra day and then use that extra day to enter a second park. To enter a second park you would either need to purchase the Park Hopper, or a totally separate one day ticket for each person.

The PH is cheaper than a 1 day ticket and then allows for flexibility if hours change.

Drat! But thanks for such a speedy reply, @Outer1!

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That will probably be what we end up doing, @PrincipalTinker - thank you! UT has some pricing where you get a 5-day ticket for the price of a 4-day...we were hoping we could do that and use the "free" extra day for hopping at the very end of our trip. Another case of me being too clever by half. wink

HAHA just bought my tickets from UT, bought a 3 day parkhopper with bonus 4th day for $349, vs the 4 day basic for $309.99 plus an extra day. IF you only need 4 days that should be a good option. And the $349 includes the taxes.

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