Park Hopper Bus?

I will be hopping from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios to catch the Holiday light show. Is there a bus that will allow me to do this directly or will I have to go to a resort and transfer?

my understanding is that there are no park to park buses. Probably easiest to take a bus from AK to Swan/Dolphin / Boardwalk / Yacht etc and then either WALK (not a bad walk) or take the boat from those hotels to HS. I am sure you can also take a bus from any one of those hotels

You should be able to hop a bus to do this directly. Although I’m curious - what “Holiday light show” at HS? Osborne is no more of course, are you referring to the Xmas Fireworks show that’s replacing the Star Wars fireworks for the holidays? Or is there something else that I missed coming to HS for the Holidays?


Can definitely get a bus directly to DHS from DAK. Although I would totally bus to Boardwalk for some Ample Hills ice cream and then go to the Studios, but that’s me.

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All parks have buses to each other park. After 4:30 each day they also have buses direct to Disney Springs but there are no return buses in that scenario.


I was referring to Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM.

Thanks for the confirmation - I was presuming Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM, but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss hearing about an Osborne replacement or something…